About us

Print Stitch Make afterschool classes are designed for children in years 1 – 6, Key Stages 1 and 2.  Workshops also cover Key Stage 3.

All Print Stitch Make classes are designed to inspire, encourage and build on children's confidence, individuality and problem solving, and have fun.

Taught by Anna Vallone who has the belief that all children have the ability to be creative whilst working with textiles and other artistic mediums.  All Print Stitch Make students are allowed to develop at their own pace and learn lots of new techniques throughout each term or workshop.


Stitching can play a major role in the social and academic development of children.  It teaches them not only new skills but also how to problem solve.  It improves children's cognitive and fine motor skills - ( helping to improve hand writing) – their sensory awareness and can also give them lots of confidence with their own creativity. Threading a needle, pinning and sewing by hand are excellent for developing concentration and patience.


Our Print Stitch Make workshops have a mixture of girls and boys aged 5 - 11, in school years 1 - 6.  An excellent environment for the children to socialise with others they may not know, it also provides them with the opportunity to develop their confidence with older and younger children. The workshops have a positive influence on all of the children who attend.  Unfortunately these classes have limited spaces.  

Print Stitch Make workshops tend to focus more on the application of colour through dyeing and printing.   The content complements and enhances Print Stitch Make after school classes.   All children - if their feet can reach the pedal - are taught how to use a sewing machine safely. This is always on a 1:1 basis.   Complete beginners are welcomed and no experience at all is necessary :- just a keenness to learn but novices are taught the basics enabling them to feel confident to proceed further and develop their creativity.

Summer Holiday July 2016 workshops are now available to book.

Monday 25th - lined cosmetic zipped purse

Tuesday 26th - salt reactive dyed washbags

Wednesday 27th - paper bag skirts 

Thursday 28th - all seasons needle felting trees, with hand stitching 

Friday 29th July - pyjama shorts 

In addition to the above activities there will always be other activities happening and new skills learned. Daily numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 6. No machine experience needed as everyone is taught 1:1

Children booking onto the Wednesday and Friday classes will be sent fabric colour samples in advance.